Instax Mini Instant Film, 2 x 10 sheets (20 sheets)

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📷 Instant Moments, Lasting Memories

🌟 Adds Sparkle to Every Snapshot

🖼️ Physical Keepsakes in a Digital Age

Capture the magic of your relationship journey with the Instax Mini Instant Film, designed exclusively for use with Instax Mini instant cameras. This high-quality instant film is the perfect addition to The Couple Challenge Book experience, allowing you to immortalize your favourite moments and cherish them forever.

Key Features of Instax Mini Instant Film:

  • Picture Perfect Quality: Each pack of Instax Mini Instant Film contains 20 sheets of vibrant, credit-card-sized photos with outstanding colour reproduction and clarity. The glossy, high-resolution film ensures that your treasured memories are captured with stunning detail and preserved for years to come.
  • Fast Development Time: Don't miss a beat with the Instax Mini Instant Film's quick development process. In just 90 seconds, you'll see your beautiful memories come to life. Keep your memories safe and secure in your The Couple Challenge Book as visual mementos of your adventures.
  • Ideal Gift Addition: When paired with The Couple Challenge Book, the Instax Mini Instant Film makes a thoughtful and creative gift for anniversaries, holidays, or any occasion to celebrate your love.

Elevate The Couple Challenge Book experience with the Instax Mini Instant Film and create a unique visual diary of your relationship journey. Order your Instax Mini Instant Film today and start building a collection of cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Customer Questions

How to use the Instax Mini Film?

The instant film is suitable for your Instax Mini instant camera. The films produce beautiful images in 62 x 46 millimetres. But before you can start taking pictures, you first have to load the film. That means you open the instant film packaging and the flap of your camera. If you have already taken pictures, take out the old cassette. Otherwise you should have a cavity in the camera. Now you have to insert the cassette so that the yellow stripe on the cassette and the one you see on the camera are on the same side. Now you can close the flap and when you see the yellow stripe in the small window, you know that you have inserted the cassette correctly.

Why do you need the Instax Mini Film?

You need the Instax Mini film double pack for your instant camera. Polaroid cameras are currently experiencing a revival. This can be explained not only by the improved picture quality and the growing selection, but also by the general retro flair that the pictures have with their wide border.

How many pictures can you take with Instax Mini Instant Film?

The FUJIFILM Instax Mini Film Double Pack instant film comes in a double pack for your instant camera. Each cassette has 10 pictures or sheets, as stated on the packaging. So you have a total of 20 pictures available with the pack. But how is it possible that you can hold the picture in your hands a short time after taking it? The substances required for film development are integrated into the wide strips at the edge of the photo paper. This is why it is called integral film. So the white border and the characteristic shape of your Polaroid photos have more than just an aesthetic benefit. The moment you take the photo, the ejection process begins and with it the actual development of the image. Your photo is pressed through two rollers inside the camera and the developing liquid from the edge is evenly distributed on the photo surface.

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