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The Couple Family Book - English Version

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Looking for a fun and engaging way to spend quality time with your family? Look no further than our The Couple Family Book, packed with 70 exciting challenges that are sure to bring you and your loved ones closer together.

Each challenge is designed to promote teamwork and problem-solving skills, while also providing a fun and memorable experience for your family. Whether you're looking for a fun activity for a rainy day, or planning a family game night, our challenge book has got you covered.

🏡 Strengthens Family Bonds

😂 Sparks Joyful Moments

📚 Crafts Stories for Generations

Product Details

• 70 fun challenges for the whole family

• Put together a remarkable photo album with unforgettable memories

• Offers a fun and engaging way to spend quality time together as a family

• Helps create a positive family culture centred around shared experiences and memories

• High-quality, durable paper for repeated use

• Climate neutrally printed and packaged

• Secure packaging

• Makes a great gift for couples, families, and friends

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Customer Questions

Can we combine this book with The Couple Challenge Book?

We have made sure that the challenges in both books are unique and that there is no overlap between the books. So you can have both books. One for the two of you and the other for the family. Because time with the family is great and fun, but don't forget that you also need some time just for each other.

We have a newborn baby, which book should we buy?

The challenges from The Couple Family Book are more for families with children over 5 years old. If you have a newborn or children under 5, you can order The Couple Challenge Book as you can still do most of the challenges from this book.

What kind of challenges are there in The Couple Family Book?

From mud fights to scavenger hunts, this book has something for everyone. Challenge your family to see who can complete a puzzle the fastest, or who can create the best Tacos. Take turns writing a collaborative story, or have a family bake-off competition. There are endless possibilities for family fun and bonding with this challenge book.

Is there an order for doing the challenges?

No, there isn’t. Feel free to choose any challenge you like to do depending on your mood, budget, or situation you are in. Have fun!

How much time should we invest in each challenge?

The duration of the challenges varies, some take only 15-30 minutes, others 60-120 minutes. You can always plan the challenges according to your schedule and do them on the day you prefer, e.g. longer challenges on a weekend.

Where can I print out my photos?

If you don't have a Polaroid camera, you can simply take the photos with your mobile phone and print them out in Polaroid format at the nearest Kodak Moment Kiosk. Find your nearest Kiosk here.

For more questions, see our FAQ.