Once upon a time… 

No, it’s not a fairy tale 😉. It’s OUR LIVES. 

And we’re in charge of making it magical every single day. 

Yes, it’s our responsibility to make moments count. 

You see, bringing people together, capturing unforgettable memories and living an adventurous life. That’s what always was on our hearts. 

With the Couple Challenge Book, we were able to joyfully and proudly create an album where you can experience these very things. It’s from couples for couples…to spice things up (again). 😉

With this little guide, you can find a way to break the cycle of routines and sparkle a little adventure to your everyday life. 

Rediscover each other through 100s of new adventures carefully put together by relationship experts.

That’s the heart of our mission. 

I hope you enjoy The Couple Challenge Book as much as we do.

Best regards, 

Founder @ The Couple Challenge Book