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Couple & Family Set + FREE The Couple Yoga E-Book - English Version

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🛌 Breaks Routine Monotony

😂 Adds Laughter & Love

📸 Captures Memories Forever

Unleash a new spark of adventure & excitement in your relationship with our, The Couple Challenge Book.

This one-of-a-kind guide offers a collection of 60 unique and exciting challenges to explore your relationship, beyond your living room! Each challenge is carefully thought out and hand-picked by our in-house dating experts, adding an element of surprise, adventure & excitement to your date night.

Build lifelong memories with a dedicated spot next to each capture the moment in a photo, creating a totally unique photo album for you to cherish forever.

Product Details
  • 60 romantic and adventurous challenges
  • Put together a remarkable photo album with unforgettable memories
  • Date adventures designed for all budgets and tastes
  • Discover life outside your comfort zone and develop an even deeper relationship
  • High-quality, durable paper for repeated use
  • Climate neutrally printed and packaged
  • Secure packaging
  • Makes a great gift for couples, families, and friends
  • 1 tree planted for every order
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Escape 'Same-Old' Dates

According to a study by Harasymchuk & Fehr on relationship boredom, the most frequent response of the participants was: Doing the same things.

But not with The Couple Challenge Book. It’s the easiest, cost-effective, and fun way to take your dates from average to unforgettable, create remarkable memories and start dating like your loved one has never seen and experienced before.

Customer Questions

What kind of challenges are there in The Couple Challenge Book?

The challenges are very different. There are challenges that take place outdoors or indoors. Some require you to spend a bit of money, and others require you to spend no money at all. Some challenges are more adventurous and others are more relaxing and bonding.

But the goal of all challenges is to have fun and spend more time together.

Is this book even something for us?

Absolutely! No matter at what age you are, whether you do it together with your boyfriend, your wife or bestie, it’s completely gender-neutral and will give you great memories and an exciting time.

Is there an order for doing the challenges?

No, there isn’t. Feel free to choose any challenge you like to do depending on your mood, budget, or situation you are in. Have fun!

How much time should we invest in each challenge?

The duration of the challenges varies, some take only 15-30 minutes, others 60-120 minutes. You can always plan the challenges according to your schedule and do them on the day you prefer, e.g. longer challenges on a weekend.

We have a newborn baby, which book should we buy?

The challenges from The Couple Family Book are more for families with children over 5 years old. If you have a newborn or children under 5, you can order The Couple Challenge Book as you can still do most of the challenges from this book.

Where can we print out our photos?

If you don't have a Polaroid camera, you can simply take the photos with your mobile phone and print them out in Polaroid format at the nearest Kodak Moment Kiosk. Find your nearest Kiosk here.

For more questions, see our FAQ.

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